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Who needs backup power?


Data Centers

Generac's broad array of standby power systems, especially Generac Modular Power Systems (MPS), and our Accredited Tier Designers can ensure your center's data is safe, whether your mission is global hybrid hosting, colocation, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, or disaster recovery and business continuance services.



During Hurricane Sandy, New York University lost thousands of laboratory animals and years of research when the power failed. Protect your valuable research, labs, and equipment against powerful storms and power outages with a Generac standby power system by Parker Power.


Gas & Convenience

According to NACS, not only does the U.S. convenience store industry account for more than $680 billion in sales, but 80% of all fuel sales nationwide are attributed to convenience stores that sell fuel.  That means a lot of customers depend on you to be open for business.  So many that a power outage could cost you as much as $25,000 a day.  Keep your refrigerators, freezers, and gas pumps operating during a power outage.  Your customers - and better yet, those of your competitors - will thank you, and keep coming back.



Supermarkets are among the most energy-intensive commercial buildings.  Refrigeration alone accounts for about half of a supermarket’s total energy consumption.  And ever more supermarkets are adding in-store food service for customers.  Not only do grocery stores stand to lose valuable inventory and prepared food during a power outage, but they could also lose customers wanting to buy food and other supplies.  Keep your grocery store open for business during a power outage - and gain a competitive advantage - with a Generac standby power system.



In a world where “failure is not an option” has become the mantra for virtually every emergency power application, healthcare facilities are unique in that failure could means loss of life.  There are many ways to build reliability into a backup power system, from fuel choice to generator configuration.  Generac not only has the breadth of product and fuel choices necessary to help you configure the right standby power system for your application, but also the expertise needed to help ensure your system complies with NFPA 99, NFPA 110, and other appropriate national and local regulations.


Hospitality & Restaurant

For the restaurant industry, losses due to power outages are often permanent.  After all, if a person misses dinner at your restaurant today, they probably won't eat there tomorrow.  And there’s the losses you could face in terms of spoiled food and wine.  From transfer switches that can allow you to be “generator ready” in case of a power outage to permanently installed standby generators that start automatically when the power fails, Generac can help you protect your business against loss in a power outage.


Manufacturing & Warehouse

In a manufacturing environment, even a small power outage could lead to hours of costly downtime as equipment is set up and raw materials are prepared.  Lighting and climate control in a warehouse are critical to ensuring that customers will receive their inventory according to schedule.  Choose the Generac standby power system that meets your specific needs, and avoid costly business interruptions due to power outages.


Municipal & Government

Citizens depend upon emergency services in the wake of a severe storm. Police, fire, and 911 call centers can’t afford to be without power, even if the rest of the community is.  In a severe disaster, you’ll need power for municipal buildings to establish shelters and command centers. Protect your emergency management infrastructure with Generac standby power.


Office & Banking

In our digital age, losing computer operations for any period of time could spell disaster for an office or bank.  Financial institutions unable to access customer information or transfer funds could ultimately lose customers.  Data from critical applications could also be lost without backup power.  Explore Generac standby power systems as part of the business continuity plans for your office or financial institution.



Customers depend upon you to be open for business, even when there is a power outage.  Depending upon the size of your store, a power outage could cost you thousands daily.   Keep your place of business open during a power outage—and gain a competitive advantage—with a Generac standby power system.



With 38% of all U.S. homes being wireless only, more than 400,000 calls to 911 being made every year on wireless devices, and 2.3 trillion text messages sent annually, uptime for the telecommunications infrastructure is crucial.  As the experts in standby power for the telecommunications industry, many of the largest telecommunications companies rely on Generac to protect their revenue streams and profitability by backing up their infrastructures—including cell sites, data centers, back haul, and hubs—and safeguarding their customers’ experience.


Other Industries

No matter how niche your industry might be, Generac has standby power solutions to meet your needs.  From agriculture to professional sports to fish farming, Generac is the brand businesses across the spectrum have turned to for their standby power needs.



Three 500 kilowatt generators in parallel, installed by Parker Power

Is your business this protected against power failure?


How do I choose the right size standby generator for my business?


Contact Parker Power -- we are trained to determine your backup power requirements.  We'll help you select the right standby power system for your business and provide you with a quote for the generator and installation.


Phone:  972-484-9044

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